The Compact 40 is the only hitch designed to withstand "the mechanical" stresses of coaches" due to the rear overhang, wheelbase, air suspension combined with high power and mass deviations between coach and trailer.

new compact 40 plan attache remorque carspeed

For DIN 40 ring,

    - PTC: 3500 Kg, drilling 120 x 55; 4 screws M14; vertical force S = 700 Kg; D = 54 kN

        Approval number: 0113056 ext.00

        European type approval EEC No. E2*94/20*1058*00.

     - PTC: 3500 Kg, drilling 83 x 56; 4 screws M10; vertical force S = 375 Kg; D = 31 kN

Approval number: 0116001 ext.0


Option: Protective hood for coach coupling,same as for the 2 references.

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Robustness, safety, comfort, silence and space are its strengths compared to the classic VL "ball" or PL "Rockinger or Ringfeder".

Suspension avoiding vertical strokes (comfort and silence) and pivoting (security in devers on mountain roads for example).

Automatic locking for 40mm DIN ring (standard 74054): safety and robustness. Ease of fixing on the crossbars of your coaches (saving time) because it pivots completely (allowing the passage of screws from the outside).

FLow congestion (esthetics).

Highly recommended for all extended night trips and international routes.

Option: protective hood for coach coupling

Improves the design of the machine.

Avoid grease après le passage du rouleau de lavage, 

Protects from salt mists.